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To create balanced, stable and purposeful people in the world who live their lives based on positive values such as kindness, compassion and unconditional love.
We are here to inspire and create a whole new generation of stable and purposeful people that can make great contributions to this world.

Through EBC we want to see individuals with a strong mental mindset, who live by their highest potential.

We want to witness transformation in people and help them meet the challenges of life, and for this we have created an early morning structure. 

The early morning structure brings people into physical and mental alignment and energizes them from earliest mornings all the way till the end of a working day. Our early morning routine will aspire to clarity, structure, focus and stability.

It’s proven that those who wake up early are less affected by emotions and are more productive in their lives. We base our early morning practices on the ancient Ayurvedic sciences.

one world, one family

Our aim is to serve the world and to add value to society. Our club covers all time zones, we are one world, we are one family.

One world

Beyond race, caste, creed and religions. Beyond man made borders, we are one.

One family

With all the species that we share this world with.

Early Birds Club - Adults

EBC Adults’ purpose is stabilizing adults through a process of remembering that we are powerful beings through a positive morning routine that aims to help us detach us from our regular habits, likes and dislikes, patterns and judgement that we have collected along the way.


EBC Teens Club Teens age from 13 – 23 and are a group of individuals transcending from a child to an adult. There is a leader in each and every one, EBC’s objective is to help them channelise their energy to recognise and maximise their potential. Teens manage the club themselves. 


EBC Kids cherishes and nurtures children. We encourage kids to be happy and love life and all its species by gently guiding them towards achieving their highest potential by setting a positive example in the world. We introduce a life of daily discipline which can carry into youth and adulthood. 

Membership Cost

  • Purposefulness To add value to society
  • Enhanced emotional stability To stand strong in the world
  • Happiness To nurture a contented life well lived

testimonialS FROM our early birds

Genuine personal experiences of positive transformation and an enriched life

I want to share my experience of Early Birds Club. Some matters which was bothering me before looks small and insignificant now. 

I’m peaceful, feel good and all the day I’m energized and my daily life goes well. It’s like everything changed, everything improved. 

I have immense gratitude towards Mohanji who founded this club and the volunteers team that manages it and moves it forward. 🤗


Early Bird from Asia

I look forward the whole day to put aside my work at 7 pm to get ready to go to bed. It seems I am finally giving myself permission to enjoy a spiritual evening with nothing I must do except relax, be calm and enjoy reading or listening to my favourtie inspirational speaker (Mohanji) before I go off to sleep.

I just feel that everything is more positive and flows in an incredibly positive way when I am making the effort to do what may be the better thing to do by being an Early Bird!  👍❣️🤗


Early Bird from USA

I am grateful for this group and for the chance that has been given to my children to experience such a wonderful and mindful morning routine since their young age. Since they started with this activity, I can see them more focused during the day, less annoying and annoyed 😃  they are happy, and very active throughout the day, both physically and mentally.  I can just say thank you all for your effort and time to change the world to be a place of mindful, compassionate and kind people with human values. I am a happy mother 💖


Mother to Early Birds


If you have any questions, queries or skills to share with the club please write to us


“In EBC, we are trying to create a tradition, a culture, based on natural lifestyle, nothing unnatural. Connecting to yourself is vital, which we have lost. The modern man has lost that track, the connect to oneself. EBC is connecting to oneself so that you can connect to the world. Only through you, you can actually reach the world.
Here, we’re trying to create a generation or a mankind who have time for themselves and they have time for the world. So they are sensitive. They are sensitive to themselves and they’re sensitive to the world.” – Mohanji